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Price:   21.89 C$
Product Code:   L33416525
Printers play an important role in today's office environment, providing printing of documents, reports, presentations and other materials.  Our printer is specifically designed to meet the needs of the office environment, providing high print quality, reliability and ease of...
Price:   22.99 C$
Product Code:   M1656292
Characteristics: Scanner Type: Flatbed Scanning resolution: up to 1200 dpi Touch screen: Yes, color, 4.3 inches diagonal Scanning speed: up to 30 pages per minute Optical Character Recognition (OCR): Built-in - Support for duplex scanning: Yes Interfaces: USB 3.0, Wi-Fi Dimensions of the...
Price:   22.99 C$
Product Code:   I6363532
An explosive offer! Shredder for efficient processing of documents and confidential data!  Characteristics: 🔒 Security Priority: Reliably destroys papers, credit cards, and other sensitive materials, providing protection against unauthorized access. ♻️ Eco-Friendly Choice: Helps you...
Price:   21.89 C$
Product Code:   H59482426
🎉 A novelty for efficient packaging! The adhesive tape dispenser is your ideal assistant in organizing packaging processes. 💼 Characteristics: Efficiency: Cut packaging time in half with fast and convenient adhesive tape feeding. Ease of use: One-armed control will allow you to instantly...
Price:   22.79 C$
Product Code:   G98600325
Lining on a desk for offices is not only a stylish element of décor, but also a practical solution to protect your workspace.  Make your office more comfortable and secure with our high-quality desk lining. Characteristics: Superior Quality: Made of a strong and durable material that...
Price:   21.79 C$
Product Code:   N35704588
Characteristics: Type: Single hole punch. Material: Durable metal case, transparent plastic ruler. Bore diameter: Standard diameter 6mm. Ruler: Integrated into the body of the hole punch, length 15 cm, divisions in millimeters. Adjustment: Adjustable hole spacing for different paper...


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